Glass Microspheres

  • Glass Microspheres
  • Glass Microspheres
  • Glass Microspheres
Glass MicrospheresGlass MicrospheresGlass Microspheres

Glass Microspheres

  • Product description: Intermix Road Marking Glass Beads, EN1423,EN1424, BS6088, AASHTO, NBR6831, JIS, KS, AS/NZ Glass beads...

Road Marking Glass Beads

Size range: 90-1700 um

Products features: high degree of roundness, extraordinary clarity, smooth surface, high reflective index, high hardness, stable physical and chemical properties, no pollution and economical cost.
Main physical index of glass bead
1.Appearance: round, clear, and free from obvious bulbs or impurities
2.Density: 2.4-2.6 g/cm³
4.Refractive index:≥1.5
5.Hardness: Moh's 6-8
Main chemical indexes of glass bead
1. SiO₂:68-73%
2. Al₂O₃:1-2.5%
3. CaO:6-10%
4. MgO:3-5%
5. Na₂O:13-15%
6. Fe₂O₃:<0.08%

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